26 October, 2021

Black History Month Taster Day was “absolutely amazing”.

Last week, YST staff and community members, came together to provide a wonderful Taster Day event - sharing some of the wonderful dishes from Africa and the Caribbean - to celebrate Black History Month. Staff and community members all contributed to the food and the cooking and all YST staff and members of the local community were invited to come and sample the dishes.

Some of the dishes on offer were Rice and Peas, fried chicken, curried goat, plantain, bean stew, jollof rice and greens. There were options for vegetarians and vegans too.

Cooking underway in the kitchen at the Vibe.

Nicky Newell, programme officer and event organiser said:

The idea came from our colleague, Leon, and from that idea it's just grown - we've had community members come along and someone from Gloucestershire County Council, as well as YST staff and a few young people - a great turnout".

The event included food and games identifying fruit and veg and the flags of Africa and the Caribbean under a backdrop of great music, creating the perfect vibe for the event.


Staff and community members attempt to identify fruit, veg and flags!

Some of the comments from staff on the day were:

"The food has been absolutely amazing - Nicky, Charles and Moira and the community members have really come together and put on a lovely afternoon".

"Seeing everyone work together has been great - just a really good atmoshere".

"I've been learning more about African culture - it's been great to talk more about the history andf the culture of Africa and the Caribbean".

"To understand how different fruit and veg have evolved and why they are important. The food is amazing, food always brings people together".

Charles, Benny, Keith, Moira and Nicky - organisers and chefs for the event.


Everyone commented on how great the food was, going up for seconds and taking food home for families and friends.

Francis Gobey, Lead Commissioner for Targetted Youth Support at Gloucestershire County Council, who attended the event said,

It's been fantastic, bringing connections across communities. It's great to see the solidarity and networking taking place, encouraging conversations and having food. I'm delighted to see that YST has organised this with community colleagues - it's great to be here".

Our OD, Kat Aukett & Francis Gobey, GCC Lead Commissioner enjoying their lunch. 

Charles Wallace, programme officer and event organiser said:

The value of the day is the sharing – everyone has come together to enjoy some of the food that we eat".


The Taster Day was part of our Black History Month Celebrations which will continue in our Food and Fun week during half term where young people will also get to sample African and Carribean food and take part in other Black History activities.

We're already looking forward to the next one!!