Request for service

The Youth Support Team is made up of professionals from a range of disciplines so we can take a flexible approach to supporting young people. 

If you are concerned about a young person you can make a request for service and ask us to get involved. Once you have completed a YST Early Help Request for Service form, your request will go to our Community Teams, who will aim to respond to you within five days. 

If you are unsure on how to complete the Request for Service form please contact us using the details below.

The Community Teams are the first point of contact for most of our referrals. We  respond to referral requests by offering to meet a young person to assess their needs OR we pass the information to the relevant YST team. If we are unable to help we will explain why and try to signpost to a relevant organisation.

For more information about our early help arrangements - see our COMMUNITY OFFER. Visit our SERVICES pages for more info on what we can help with.

Get in touch
To talk to someone about making a referral, call 01242 242825/01452 415707 or email

If your concerns are urgent, contact:

Children and Families Helpdesk(8am – 5pm)
01452 426565
Emergency Duty Team(5pm – 8am)01452 614758