In the Youth Support Team, our aim is to assist young people in Gloucestershire to find a safe, secure and affordable place to live.

Our specialist housing team is made up of staff with experience and knowledge of housing legislation, the local housing market, and partner agencies.

Our main role is to prevent young people from becoming homeless, by giving them timely advice and support.

How we can help
What we can offer includes: 

  • Advising young people about their rights and responsibilities
  • Making young people aware of their options in the local housing market
  • Signposting and making referrals to other agencies who can help
  • Working with looked-after children who are soon to leave care, to help give them a smooth transition to adulthood in terms of housing
  • Speaking on behalf of young people with landlords, accommodation providers and statutory agencies
  • Advising on welfare benefits.

For young people who are in care or are carer leavers and 16/17 year olds who are homeless, we can provide specialist advice and information about their rights and options. 

Who we help
We work with young people from the age of 10 up to the age of 19, (25 where young people have disabilities, or are care leavers).
N.B. We are unable to accommodate young people under the age of 16 in the youth housing network.

Get in touch
To find out more, contact the Youth Support Team on 01452 551276 or glosyst.housing@prospects.co.uk.


Coronavirus update for YST services

At Gloucestershire Youth Support Team our priority is the safety and well being of the young people we work with and the staff that work so hard to support them.

As the national lock down restrictions are lifting, we are now returning to more face to face delivery, including some group work and events. We will be continuing to deliver virtual contact. Please be assured that we are ensuring that precautions to keep people safe are maintained in all spaces.

We know these are uncertain times and some people are experiencing heightened concerns. If you are worried please speak to your contact within the YST or contact us at info.glos@prospects.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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