Accessing our services

Life can throw up some serious challenges for young people.

But in the Youth Support Team we care about young people, we listen to them, and we support them. We want all young people to achieve their full potential.

Whether you’re:

  • a young person, looking for support for yourself or a friend
  • a parent or carer
  • a young person’s advocate, working with them to improve their lives,

we can help. 

What we offer
On our Information and Support page, you can see some of the issues that we offer help on. Follow the links to find sources of information and advice, and who to contact.

Alternatively, if you are another youth support professional, you can refer a young person to us for help if they want it, by making a Request for Service. 

You can also download a leaflet, which tells you about the services we offer. 

And if you would like help when talking with us, we can provide an interpreter if you need one.

Who we help
We work with young people from the age of 10 to 19 (and up to 25 for young people with a special educational need or disability).

Get in touch
To find out more, contact the Youth Support Team on: 

01452 415707/01242 242825 or for general enquiries

01452 415707 or to request a service.