What is Training?

Training is a broad term and can refer to many things but broadly it is a program of learning activities that helps you learn specific knowledge or skills needed for specific work place roles or to get ready for your first job. There are specific training opportunities available for 16-18 year olds who are not at school, college, in work or doing an apprenticeship.

Who can apply?

  • There will be different critieria depending on the course and who is running it.
  • We promote those aimed at 16-18 year olds who are not in education, employment or training.

What's in it for me?

  • Most training comes with qualifications and accrediatation opportunities which improve your employability.
  • Training can give you the right knowledge and skills required for entering the world of work.
  • Good training will also provide you with the confidence and motivation to get that job you want.

Will I get paid?

  • Most training providers do not pay their trainees but you may be given expenses for things like travel and meals. There may be bursaries available to those young people in care, living independently, or from a low income family.

How can I sign up?

  • Check out our information boxes on the right (or below if you're using a mobile device) for infomation on organisations that provide training opportunities to 16 -18 year olds.

The Youth Support Team can help you apply for training

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