Volunteering Opportunities

What is Volunteering?
 Volunteering is about giving your time, without pay, for the benefit of others, the local community and very importantly yourself.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone can volunteer - it's all about matching the right person to the right opportunity. If you're willing to give up your time for free most providers are looking for a positive attitude.

What's in it for me?
There are many benefits to volunteering your time. here's just a few of them:

  • it's an excellent way to boost your confidence
  • it can seriously enhance your work and career prospects
  • it can help build valuable work experience
  • it can make you feel good to make a positive difference to your community

Will I get paid?
You won’t be paid, but you may be given expenses for things like travel and meals.

How can I sign up?
Check out our information boxes on the right (or below if you're using a mobile device) for infomation on organisations that provide volunteer opportunities.

Get in touch
To find out more, contact the Youth Support Team on 01452 415707 or opportunitysupport@prospects.co.uk or via our Facebook page.


Coronavirus update for YST services

At Gloucestershire Youth Support Team our priority is the safety and well being of the young people we work with and the staff that work so hard to support them.

As the national lock down restrictions are lifting, we are now returning to more face to face delivery, including some group work and events. We will be continuing to deliver virtual contact. Please be assured that we are ensuring that precautions to keep people safe are maintained in all spaces.

We know these are uncertain times and some people are experiencing heightened concerns. If you are worried please speak to your contact within the YST or contact us at info.glos@prospects.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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