29 April, 2021

YST Staff Recognition Awards

Last week members of the Youth Support Team met online to celebrate each other and award certain members of our staff for their work over the last six months.


The nominations for the awards come from peers and are judged anonymously by a panel from across the YST.

The YST Staff Recognition Awards usually take place 3 times a year but due to Covid-19 challenges the last one took place last March.
The awards are a great way to recognise and celebrate each other and to tell each other - 'We see you, we value you.' In many ways this means so much to individual staff members to be recognised by their team members.

The categories and this round's winners are:

  • Operation Director's Making A Difference award - J Willett/Children and Familes Team
    • "One of Jane’s many great qualities is her ability to critically reflect without being judgemental. Her own knowledge base is extremely broad, and she has always encouraged us to share any ideas or reflections we have". 
  • Demonstrating Positive Leadership award - J Griffiths/PA to Operations Director
    • "Jo recognises the importance of partnership relationships and the need to respond in a timely and professional manner - she takes the initiative and responds to partners to ensure that they are aware that they are important to us if I have not had chance to get back to them quickly".
  • Achieving Impact award - M Nunez/Case Responsible Officer - Youth Justice
    • "Mickey always has the young person’s needs at the centre of everything she does. She often goes the extra mile, being flexible to change her plans at a minutes notice, if one of her young people is in crisis to ensure best possible outcomes for the young people".
  • Outstanding Team award - Referral Panel Volunteers 
    • "This group of people give up their time voluntarily to do this role and with the advent of the restrictions, they had to move to very intrusive and difficult virtual delivery methods. Without this team, the YOS statutory work with Referral Orders would not be able to continue".
  • Demonstrating a 'Can Do' Attitude award - R Wrightson/Senior Admin Officer
    • "Becca started in post in the middle of a pandemic, and has continued to display a positive 'can do' attitude to everything that has been asked of her. She is supportive, driven and caring in her approach to everything. She has happily picked up whatever is needed to support the service and the delivery of work to young people". 
  • Developing Positive Partnerships award - NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) team
    • "Against all the odds, national trends and the difficulties of Covid and lockdowns the NEET team have managed to beat last year's September Guarantee performance and have also managed to keep the NEET performance down. Nationally and we have the best performance in the South West which is really amazing and a lot of hard work".

Kat Aukett, Operations Director at the Youth Support Team said:

The awards ceremony is one of the favourite elements of my role as Operations Director. It is so wonderful to hear how individuals have made a difference to the young people we work with but also how they have supported their colleagues. Leading a group of committed and dedicated professionals is a real honour and recognising their contribution makes me very proud. Well done to all the nominees and winners".


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