17 January, 2019

YST Recognition Awards Scheme

In September 2018 we introduced ouir new YST Recognition Awards and invited staff to nominate their colleagues.

The rationale behind the awards was that we knew that there were inspiring stories about managers, staff and volunteers that never get heard - either internally or publicly - and we wanted to change that.

We asked staff to help us to identify and celebrate successes, professionalism and positive outcomes that staff are being praised for locally by introducing the Awards scheme with the following catgories for nomination:

  • Operations Director “Making a difference" award

  • Demonstrating positive leadership award

  • Achieving impact award

  • Outstanding team award

  • Developing a 'Can Do' attitude award

  • Developing positive partnerships award

The nominations came flooding in from across our services and teams and on Friday 30th November 2018 we held our first YST Recognition Awards ceremony at Grosvenor Hall in Cheltenham. Staff receiving awards were as follows:

Ellen Sanders for Making A Difference; Jo Blanchard for demonstrating  positive leadership; Michelle Lane for achieving impact; the Wraparound team won the outstanding Team award; Serena Smith and Gemma Smith for demonstrating a 'Can Do' attitude and the Children & Families team were recognised for developing positive partnerships.

Kat Aukett, our Operations Director, presented the awards and said:

Congratulations to all the winners of the recognition awards. The event was really inspiring to hear the nominations being read out and being aware that they had been written by people’s colleagues and team mates was very emotive".

Nominations are now open for the second round and we are looking forward to receiving them.

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