7 November, 2019

Young people meet the Shaw Trust Board

Last month two young people were invited to London by Shaw Trust’s CEO, Chris Luck, to share their experiences with the board of trustees.

The young people, Skie and Jade, travelled to Bromley from Cheltenham with a YST support worker very early to attend the 10:15am meeting. They had previously met Chris in Gloucestershire, when he had been impressed by Skie’s story and invited her to share this with the board.


One of Shaw Trust’s values is ‘We are Inclusive’, promoting the idea that the ideas, views and strengths of everyone we work with and support are valued. Sir Kenneth Olisa, chair of the board said at the start of the meeting:

It’s important to Shaw Trust that we understand our customers and that you feel that you’ve got a voice and you can influence us.”

The invite was an opportunity for the board to hear from young people themselves about the work we do at YST and how we help them, what works and what could be better.

The young people were welcomed to the meeting and invited to tell their stories. Despite their nerves the young people did an excellent job of confidently sharing their stories, describing the support they have received from the Youth Support Team, their aspirations for the future and in answering follow up questions from the board members.


Skie told the board that her life had been turned around by the input from the YST. She also went on to say:

We’re often looked at as kids, like we don’t know what we’re going on about, we don’t know how you lot are going to be able to support us, but we do. Now we’re working with YST to look at how they can support people like me in supported housing that fall through the gaps to better prepare them for living independently.”



The board members were impressed by the young people. Steph Cutler, one of the trustees said:

You sound really smart and switched on, with a really bright future and how amazing to come here and do this for us.”


Sir Kenneth then closed with this remark:

You’ve given us helpful insights into what life is really like and more importantly where we can improve our offer. You are very impressive, coming here, doing what you’ve done this morning, telling us what you’ve told us. You’ve added to our knowledge and you’ve changed some of our opinions about things. We’re all enormously grateful for you for spending the time, we’re grateful for the input.”


The young people really appreciated the opportunity to speak with the board and felt that their voices had been heard and valued. As a thank you from the YST we got to do some sightseeing in London, including a rickshaw ride – which was a highlight for all.