2 April, 2020

Surviving Families during COVID-19 lock down

This is a very challenging time for the whole country, indeed in many parts of the world, but this will be particularly difficult for families who have to stay at home together for a prolonged period of time.

The Youth Support Team are aware of this and want to be able to support you all as best as we can over the next few months.

Although we will not be out visiting families your workers will still be available on the phone and we wanted to put together this guide to try and help your family get through this time together. We'll be posting different messages here as quick as we can create them - so keep checking back for info.

"Family" by Sephko is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

With schools closed and everyone locked indoors for most of the day, here are some ideas that might be helpful for your family:

Holding a Family meeting

  1. Try to encourage everyone who lives in the home to take part and think about a place in the home where everyone feels comfortable, perhaps the kitchen or dinning room.
  2. Have an agenda and try to stick to a set time, it doesn’t need to be too long, what does not get discussed can be added to the agenda for the next week.
  3. Try to be open and honest about what worries you all have about the next few weeks.
  4. What are the ground rules going to be?
  5. How can family members get time to themselves?
  6. What do you think will cause arguments and how can these be avoided?
  7. If parents are working from home what is the expectation of the children / partners?
  8. It might be a good idea to have the person running the meeting change every week – this can give children a sense of responsibility in keeping the meeting on track.
  9. Always try to start and end with something positive.

An example of an agenda could be:

  • Check in with everyone, what is going well?
  • Review the actions from the last meeting – does anything need to change?
  • What are family members struggling with or finding difficult?
  • What are family members worried about?
  • Problem solving – ideas to help with the difficulties and worries. Pick one or two suggestions to try and review next week
  • Planning for the week ahead – try and include fun family activities such as games or time together watching a film - our other notes have some ideas
  • Thank everyone for taking part, write up the actions and agree a date and time for the next meeting.

Don’t worry if it does not go to plan, it will take a few meetings until you find out what works for you and your family.


Coronavirus update for YST services

At Gloucestershire Youth Support Team our priority is the safety and well being of the young people we work with and the staff that work so hard to support them.

As the national lock down restrictions are lifting, we are now returning to more face to face delivery, including some group work and events. We will be continuing to deliver virtual contact. Please be assured that we are ensuring that precautions to keep people safe are maintained in all spaces.

We know these are uncertain times and some people are experiencing heightened concerns. If you are worried please speak to your contact within the YST or contact us at info.glos@prospects.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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