22 October, 2018

Success Stories: George

The YST support young people in the county to overcome barriers to a safe fulfilling life. One young person who has been supported by the YST is George*.

18 months ago, the NEET team at the YST supported George with a one day a week paid internship for 10 weeks with The Grace Network. George started the internship but found it challenging due to a number of issues. Despite these challenges George persevered and the YST were delighted to find out recently that George has been taken on as a full time member of staff at their furniture bank. Kirsty, a Case Responsible Officer who worked with George said: “the change in him was staggering and just so lovely to see. He told me all the training they have put him on and also said they are paying for his driving lessons so that eventually he’ll be able to drive one of the vans.”

George has always been interested in the idea of becoming a chef and told Kirsty that The Grace network had arranged for him to meet Tom Herbert (from Hobbs House bakery) and that he’d been to Tom’s house and had cooking lessons. The Grace Network provide training and support to people in the five valleys as well as manage small social enterprises like the furniture bank George now works out.


*Name changed to protect George’s privacy.