12 August, 2021

Seeing the strength, resilience and beauty beneath the prickly edges

Our Operations Director, Kat Aukett has been reflecting on her daily runs, slowing down and the false perceptions we create of the world around us.


Like many people, the Covid-19 pandemic gave me an opportunity to slow down slightly and actually smell the roses, not just metaphorically speaking! I started walking or running every day, normally early in the morning. This has continued as restrictions have eased and I intend to keep it going as long as I am able.

One of the interesting things about this activity, is what goes through your mind when you are not racing around working or completing the tasks that make up your daily life.

I have taken to noticing the weeds that grow wherever they can, between cracks in the path, up walls etc. I started to wonder who decided what was a weed and what was a plant. Some of those weeds are beautiful with colourful flowers and deep green leaves. My thoughts then turned to how we categorise other things including people and in particular young people. We assign labels to them or write them off as troublesome, or not going to amount to much, difficult - we don’t call them weeds but we are certainly not hailing them as beautiful “flowers”.

So let's think about that for a minute.

Those weeds that I mentioned are resilient, they find a way to break through dark, ugly concrete. They produce petals and colours that when time is taken to examine them, are truly beautiful in their own right.

This may be pertinent in the coming month, as many parents and young people react to exam results. To carry the analogy on, gardens take years to become established, for the beauty to develop, so do some people.

Let’s always take the time to really look at people, to see their strength, resilience  and beauty as well as the prickly edges that we often get distracted by.