2 October, 2019

Passion for art diverts anti social behaviour

Here at the Youth Support Team (YST) we aim to help people to realise their potential and to transform their lives, working with others to create solutions.

James* lives in rural Gloucestershire with his mum and 3 younger siblings. Last year he began to get into difficulty and was permanently excluded from his school. An alternative educational placement was found for him in the county but meant he had to take 2 buses to get there and he soon disengaged, stopped going to school instead hanging around in his village resulting in him being arrested for anti-social behaviour. He attended court and received a 6 month Referral Order.

James was referred into the YST and was allocated a Case Responsible Officer (CRO). initially the priority was to get James back into school. The CRO worked in partnership with the alternative provision provider and funding for a taxi was found to support James in getting to school. This has been successful.

The CRO also helped identify that James is a keen and enthusiastic artist and it was agreed that he could use this skill and enthusiasm as part of his reparation attached to the Referral Order. A piece of work was coomissioned for the Custody Suite at Waterwells Police Station. A local graffiti artist was also found to support James with the project. This has been a great relationship for James who was really inspired and motivated by meeting another artist.

The CRO has said,

James really enjoyed coming to the Youth Support Centre to do this piece of work. His confidence has grown and he is regularly attending school".


The school are also supporting James' passion for art and are trying to set up a work placement with a local tattoo studio. He has already got to work on his portfolio and much of his spare time is now diverted into this and his CRO is really happy to see him thriving.

The image in this article is James' work for the Custody suite.

*Name changed to protect identity.