4 July, 2017

Mind the MOMO App

The Mind Of My Own (MOMO) App can be used by care experienced children and young people to give their views and opinions at any time.

It can be used in between meetings when a young person want to communicate with their social worker or support worker about a concern, issue or how they are feeling,  if they want to sort out a problem or change something.

They can use it to prepare for a meeting, including their Child in Care Review. They can also use it to plan for adulthood and the transition from care to leaving care.

MOMO can help children and young people give their views, wishes and feelings for assessments, plans and meetings.

Some of the features of MOMO are:

  • Getting Ready for  a Meeting
  • My Worker is Visiting
  • Change Something
  • Sort out a Problem
  • Planning for Adulthood
  • Share my Good News

So far staff and young people who have used MOMO have found it to be really useful:


I use MOMO because I actually feel that way I get listened to. It's an easy way of contacting your social worker. 

I was introduced by my social worker at the time...I was just planning for a meeting, and then I realised you could do all other things.”

Young person in Gloucestershire


I went to see a young person who  is 11 years of age and asked how’s life etc - all I got was an okay. I then  introduced the  young person  to  MOMO and  WOW!  What  a response! MOMO enabled (him) to express his  views and feelings“

Social Worker


You can find out more about MOMO on the Mind Of My Own website and there are also some film clips available:

If you are a social worker, support worker, foster carer or young person in care and are interested in using MOMO get in touch with Gloucestershire County Council's Participation Officer on 01452 425814