31 May, 2017

Meet Gloucestershire’s latest Members of Youth Parliament

The Youth Parliament offers young people aged 11-18 a chance to use their voice and make changes in their local areas. Members of the Youth Parliament take part in an annual debate in the House of Commons and represent young people across the UK.

In Gloucestershire, elections were recently held for three Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) and three deputy MYPs to cover Cotswolds and Stroud, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, and Gloucester and Forest of Dean. The MYP and Deputy MYPs met on 29 April for the first time since being elected. They worked on their debating skills and how best to represent all young people in their constituencies. They also decided that their main campaign for the year would be mental health awareness, as well as the national campaigns; Votes at 16 and curriculum for life.  

The new MYPs are, Harriet Hards and Sophie Overton who are representing Tewkesbury and Cheltenham Sophie said:

I am thrilled to have been elected! I'm excited to be able to soon represent young voices in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury because it's something I'm extremely passionate and look forward to working with the other Young Members Of Parliament! Thank you for electing me and I hope to help make a difference in our local constituency and represent. 

Hanna Doherty and George Richmond for the Cotswolds and Stroud, George said:

A time to be visible has come. I am pleased to be voted in as the Deputy Member of the Youth Parliament for the Cotswolds and Stroud. This win was however not down to be me, but to all the young people who voted for me and who face many issues which go frequently unheard. The real victory has yet to come, the real victory will be seeing and pursuing change for young people across Gloucestershire and making young people visible. From now on I hope to work with all young people across the constituency to take their issues seriously, to campaign vigorously for them and to make them visible.”

Amira Nandhla and Bart Sheperd for Gloucester and the Forest of Dean. Amira said:

I enjoyed the election process and I offer my congratulations to Amira for her election win. I am very pleased to be Deputy MYP and I will work to get the voices of young people in Gloucester and the Forest of Dean heard.”

Councillor Richard Boyles, cabinet member for children and young people at Gloucestershire County Council, said:

Our MYPs do fantastic work in the county and it is really important that the voices of young people are heard loud and clear. The future is in the hands of our young people, so it is great to see this county’s MYPs representing Gloucestershire on a national stage.”


The MYP elections are coordinated and supported by Gloucestershire Youth Support Team and we'll continue to support them in their work throughout their time in office.

From left: MYP Amira Nandhla, MYP Hanna Doherty, DMYP George Richmond, MYP Harriet Hards, DMYP Sophie Overton, DMYP Bart Shepherd