23 October, 2018

GCC Launch new Care Leaver’s Offer

The YST work closely with Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) to ensure that we work in partnership with those in care and care leavers to meet their needs and provide the best opportunities.

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 made it a statutory requirement for all local authorities to publish a local offer for care leavers. GCC have worked in partnership with care leavers in our county to prepare the offer. They have listened to the voices of care leavers and involved them both in the content of the offer and in the design of the offer booklet that is aimed at care leavers from Gloucestershire.

A significant element of the offer is that we are extending it to ALL care leavers up to the age of 25 - where previousy it only applied to care leavers who were in full time education or training.

In line with the wider GCC Looking to the Future strategy it represents a key first step towards ensuring that every child achieves the best possible outcomes; and ensuring children who are in need or at risk get high quality support and will be part of a wider toolkit to support care leavers from Gloucestershire.

Part of the YST responsibility will be to promote this offer to all care leavers from Gloucestershire, to ensure that it is freely available and in a number of formats and that all care leavers have the support to understand the offer and what it means for them.

Councillor Andrew Miller, Care Leaver's Champion said:

We have high aspirations for producing a truly child friendly Gloucestershire and as part of this we are now developing a more detailed and ambitious strategy specifically for our care leavers. We will be asking how can we take our existing Care Leavers offer and make it work better for the young people of Gloucestershire?"

If you would like to help answer this question please email: careleaversoffer@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Renee, a member of the Care Leaver's Forum in Gloucestershire said:

The Youth Forum has been a fantastic opportunity, it is about us and it is what we want to say – the good, the bad and the ugly – and we are heard and action is actually taken. We’re very lucky in Gloucestershire to actually have some high up people who actually care about what we think, who actually care about our present, our past and our future and are willing to fight to make sure we get our needs met." 


You can find the offer in brochure format on our site here >