11 October, 2017

2 fantastic new facilities aimed at supporting young people.

The YST exists to support specific groups of young people who are the most at risk of not making a successful transition into adulthood. Our Activities Team helps support this by offering activities that help young people to develop skills and attitudes that can benefit other areas of their lives.

That’s why we’re really pleased that the Activities Team are getting ready to welcome more young people to their brand-new climbing wall.


The team already offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities which allow them to work with young people working with YST in innovative ways. They are able to work with young people to explore issues around risk & resilience, motivation and trust in a safe, controlled and fun environment.

The new climbing wall will enable the team to offer more climbing and rope work activities and will be a great addition to their newly completed fitness area.

The new fitness area offers access to free weights, kettle bells, punch bag and aerobic conditioning equipment.



Tim Oliver, team leader of the Activities team said,

the fitness area is great for young people who want to increase their fitness but don’t want to attend a public gym because of self-esteem, body image or social anxiety issues – we can help them build confidence whilst having fun”

The team work with any young people who would benefit from their expertise and facilities and who are already working with us. For more information on the team click here >