Young People’s Active Involvement

In the Youth Support Team we actively involve young people in the design and delivery of our services, wherever possible.

Young people are at the heart of our services, and are crucial partners in deciding how we deliver them.

What we offer
Opportunities to get involved for young people include:

  • Customer Feedback we regularly survey the young people we work with to find out what they think about the services they receive which helps inform our service design and delivery
  • Mystery Shopping – so that we can ensure our services are accessible to young people we ask young people to assess our staff and centres by becoming mystery shoppers of our services
  • Design and Development of Provision - young people are invited to be involved in the recruitment and selection process of frontline staff
  • Engagement in our Services
    - There are sometimes opportunities for young people to volunteer with us, working alongside staff to give them valuable work experience
    - the Youth Support Team helps deliver UK Youth Parliament and elects 3 Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) to represent the county.

Get in touch
To find out more, contact the Youth Support Team on 01452  415707 or